The Aransas County Newseum: 145th Anniversary of the Rockport Pilot Exhibit Opening

The Aransas County Newseum: 145th Anniversary of the Rockport Pilot exhibit will feature a timeline beginning during the early days of Charles Bailey publishing the local newspaper, the Transcript, to the publishing era of Roy Rogero and Roy Wood, through today with Mike Probst serving as editor and publisher of The Rockport Pilot. The exhibit will include a timeline of history relating to the news of Aransas County from 1869 to 2014. Items related to publishing as well as the editor’s lives will be displayed. It will also feature exhibits showing ways gathering the news, publishing and dispensing the news has changed and yet stayed the same. Other exhibits, “Power of the Press” and “Keeping Rockport, the Charm of the Coast” feature headlines and editorials, which impacts decision-making in Aransas County.

Book Signing – 30 Years Through the News/Lens, By Mike Probst

A 300-plus page book with more than 160 pictures highlights the news in Aransas County (Rockport and Fulton) from the pages of The Rockport Pilot newspaper between 1984-2013. Mike Probst has been the editor and publisher of The Rockport Pilot newspaper since 1984. He has been involved in every aspect of community newspaper publishing during his 33-year career, all associated with the Hartman family of newspapers. He has taken thousands of pictures, written more than 1,500 weekly columns, won many awards and has covered thousands of events. With this book, he captures the highlights of 30 years at the helm. “30 Years Through the News/Lens” will help you understand why the city he calls home is embedded in his soul. It is through the news/lens you will relive memories and reflect on days gone by. The books will be available for sale for $30. All proceeds from the book benefit the History Center for Aransas County.

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The Friends of the History Center would like to thank The Margaret Sue Rust Foundation for their support of the exhibit “The Aransas County Newseum: 145th Anniversary of the Rockport Pilot” and for their support for the book “30 Years Through the Lens/News” by Mike Probst.

The History Center for Aransas County is part of Aransas Pathways, a venue tax project focusing on recreational activities for visitors and residents of Aransas County.

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