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The ruins of this rendering vat mark the location of the Marion Packing Co. (spelled “Meriam” in some records), one of the dozen or more meat packing plants built in the Rockport-Fulton area in the 1860s and 1870s to process the huge herds of range cattle that roamed Texas after the Civil War.  Here beef was dried, salted, or pickled before shipping.  The by-products such as tallow, hides, horns, and bones were sent to eastern factories.  Like most of the coastal plants, Marion Packing Co. flourished until about 1880, when shipping cattle to northern markets proved more profitable.   (1976)

State Historical Marker Number: 3213


[map] [pin center=”1″ directions=”1″ description=”Site of Marion Packing Company 28.06416, -97.03550″]28.06416, -97.03550[/pin] [/map]