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Jeff Durst, THC archeologist, will talk about “Recent Excavations at San Felipe de Austin: S.F. Austin’s Original Colony in Texas” at the History Center, 801 E. Cedar St. in Rockport at 2:00 PM on Sunday, November 4.

San Felipe was founded in 1823 and grew to be a center of the colony on the Brazos River. As empresario Austin issued land grants from his office bringing many settlers to Texas. In 1836 a convention gathered and on March 2 approved a Declaration of Independence that was printed on a handbill and in published in the Telegraph and Texas Register. Sam  Houston encamped near the town before his retreat east.  When Mexican forces were reported approaching, the town was burned on March 29.

Archeological investigations in 2000’s showed that much archeological evidence still existed and identified areas for additional investigation.  After the park was transfered to THC in 2008, investigations have focused on town lot 566 because it was one of the most densely occupied sites.  Jeff Durst has lead crews from the THC, the Texas Archeological Society, the Houston Archeological Society and the Texas Archeological Stewardship Network.  Durst will show scenes and artifacts from the investigations.

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