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“Mulch Madness” at Aransas Pathways Gardens

Volunteers Needed for September 10 and 11

Aransas Pathways invite you to help restore our natural gardens at

Ivy Lane 499 Ivy Lane on Friday, September 10 from 8am-10am.


Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary at 1401 S. Church St. on Saturday,
September 11, 2021 from 8 am to 10 am.

We will be adding mulch to the pathways and garden areas.

Bring your gardening gloves, water, masks and favorite gardening tool. What better way to give back to your community while being outdoors and social distancing!


If you would like to volunteer at one of the Aransas Pathways contact pio@aransascounty.org

View the Aransas Pathways map at: https://aransaspathways.com/wp-content/uploads/Aransas-Pathways-map-for-web-2020.pdf

Printable flyer for Mulch Madness September 2021