Fulton Harbor Route

402 N Fulton Beach Rd, Fulton, TX 78358 (see map)

Beginning at Fulton Harbor Park, this route highlights Aransas Bay, Copano Bay, Howard Murph Park and Fulton Harbor. Approximately 11.5 miles

When cycling in Aransas County, as is the case on any public street, always wear a helmet and bright, highly visible clothing. It is also recommended to have a flashing red safety light mounted behind the saddle. Always ride with the flow of traffic, unless routes converge with sidewalks, and please obey all traffic laws and regulations.

GREEN – HIGH EASE OF USE: Bike lanes, wide curbed lanes or low traffic volume residential streets. Some sidewalk connections.
BLUE – MODERATE EASE OF USE: Generally low to moderate traffic volumes. May have wide outer lane, wide shoulder or shoulder with rumble strip.
RED – LOW EASE OF USE: Higher traffic volumes, or narrow lanes with narrow shoulder or no shoulder, difficult connections for some cyclists.

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