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28 6.7965, -97 1.4639

Copano Bay Fishing Pier South AKA North LBJ CAUSEWAY South Located at the South West end of the LBJ Causeway over Copano Bay, this site has been improved by the Aransas County Navigation District and just needs a sign to identify it. This site provides access to the South shoreline of Copano bay and a pond in the South West corner that is a popular bird habitat.
Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-1 Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-2 Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-3 Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-4 Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-5 Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-6 Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-7 Copano-Fishing-Pier-South-8