Bird City Letter of Support


2840 Hwy 35 N.
Rockport, TX 78382

November 2020

Aransas County Pathways supports the application to receive the Bird City status from the Parks and Wildlife Department. Aransas County and the City of Rockport and Town of Fulton are rich in natural resources. Our wealth of historic sites, birding opportunities, water-based recreational opportunities and the dedication of the community to their preservation are self-evident in the many organizations that have been established. Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary is 4 1/2 acres which contains 3 distant habitats…a live oak motte, a remnant of a coastal prairie, and an ephemeral pond. A coastal Live Oak forest is special because of the native shrubs and plants that makeup the understory. This plant community, together with the Live Oaks, is called an oak motte. Oak mottes are valuable stopover habitats for migrating songbirds. The coast prairie consists of native grasses and wildflowers which provide food and shelter for many different varieties of wildlife.  Other sites include Henderson Habitat, Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary and Tulle Marsh East and other venues.

Also Aransas County Pathways has a Pavilion with interpreted signage at Tulle Park West with a footbridge to Shell Crete Nature Venue. The interpretive signage at the Pavilion explains each Aransas Pathways Venue. The Pavilion has a deck for relaxation and observing nature along Tule Creek.  This facility functions as the trailhead for the Pathways ecotourism venues.

We are proud of all our Aransas County Pathways Venues, our many partners, friends, volunteers, community and proud to share with visitors from all over the world. It would be an honor to receive the Bird City status from the Parks and Wildlife Department. Thank you for your consideration.

Aransas County Pathways Co-Chair                                     Aransas County Pathways Co-Chair

Tom Callan                                                                                     De McLallen

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