What are your Pathways in Rockport, Fulton and Aransas County?

Egery Flats

Herons, Egrets, and waterfowl can be found in this area. Search the salt marshes for Clapper Rail, Seaside, and Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrow. Shorebirds, including American Avocet, Marbled Godwit, Long-billed Curlew, Black-bellied Plover, Dowitchers, Dunlin, and Least Sandpiper will frequent the acres of exposed mudflat. The shallow waters of Egery Flats attract all of the terns, so look in warm months for Caspian, Royal, Sandwich, Gull-billed, Forster’s, and Least here. Black Terns may also be seen here in migration.

CTC-044 Great Texas Birding Trail Before you get to Bayside on Hwy 136, turn right onto Egery Island Road. There is a road sign. There is also a Great Texas Birding Trail sign after you turn onto the road.


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