What are your Pathways in Rockport, Fulton and Aransas County?


Little Bay North

Little Bay North located at the north end of little bay in downtown Rockport.  This site has great parking and good access to the canals of Key Allegro for night fishing and access to deeper water in Aransas Bay. This is a fair weather site as the winds can get quite high here.  This area is a good birding area also.      

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Airport Road

Located at the north west end of Airport road where it intersects with Copano Bay, this is a wade fishing access point to Copano Bay. There is a bluff here which makes this site difficult to launch a kayak but it can be done. Fishing is sparse here but the bay has a hard sand bottom and a drop off into deeper water making it an ideal paddling and birding site. The area along the shoreline north of here is undeveloped as it is part of the Aransas County Airport property. Proposed improvements are an expanded parking area and grading

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Howard Murph Memorial Park

Located Northwest of the Aransas County FM Road 1781, this site has adequate parking and facilities for picnicking fishing and birding. Just off shore here is a shell reef that attracts birds and fish. This site is protected from strong prevailing Southeast winds and is best in this wind direction.        

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Copano Bay Fishing Pier (Causeway) South

Copano Bay Fishing Pier South AKA North LBJ CAUSEWAY South Located at the South West end of the LBJ Causeway over Copano Bay, this site has been improved by the Aransas County Navigation District and just needs a sign to identify it. This site provides access to the South shoreline of Copano bay and a pond in the South West corner that is a popular bird habitat.  

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Copano Bay Fishing Pier North

Copano Bay Fishing Pier North AKA North LBJ CAUSEWAY NORTH Located at the North West end of the LBJ Causeway over Copano Bay, this site has a limited shell parking space and access to the North shoreline of Copano bay. This area is one of the few launches protected from a North wind and has access to a few birding sites along the shoreline.  

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Goose Island State Park Fishing Pier

Goose Island St. Park Fishing Pier Located at the West end of the Fishing Pier on Goose Island, this is an excellent beginners launch area. Protected from the prevailing SE wind it affords access to fishing and birding.    

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Printed Map of Sites

A printed 'take it with you' map of the Aransas Pathways project sites is available for your use now. The Birding and Kayak sites are over-laid on a map of the full Live Oak and Blackjack peninsulas with a legend. The inside of this folded map are aerial shots of the area with the Bike trails marked with their Ease of Use level. Expanded views of Downtown Rockport and Downtown Fulton with a legend of Historical sites is also included. Plan your custom tours with this valuable map.

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