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Bird Species sighted at Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary

From www.ebird.org Hotspot Map for Fulton–Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary

Bird Species at Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary

from ebird.com Hotspot map - Fulton--Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary
Species NameNumberDateBy 
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck342620G Gomez
Wood Duck142620G GomezP
Mottled Duck442620G Gomez
Least Grebe142620G GomezP
Snowy Egret142620G GomezN
Black-crowned Night-Heron342620G Gomez
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron242620G GomezN
American Coot142620G Gomez
Spotted Sandpiper142620G GomezP
Laughing Gull242620G Gomez
Inca Dove242620G Gomez
Mourning Dove1142620G Gomez
Ruby-throated Hummingbird542620G Gomez
Belted Kingfisher142620G Gomez
Golden-fronted Woodpecker142620G Gomez
Ladder-backed Woodpecker142620G Gomez
Great Kiskadee142620G Gomez
Couch's Kingbird142620G GomezP
White-eyed Vireo242620G Gomez
Barn Swallow442620G Gomez
Black-crested Titmouse242620G Gomez
Carolina Wren242620G Gomez
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher342620G Gomez
Northern Mockingbird342620G Gomez
American Redstart142620G GomezN
Yellow Warbler142620G Gomez
Northern Cardinal542620G Gomez
Great-tailed Grackle142620G Gomez
Lesser Goldfinch442620G GomezP
House Sparrow2642620G Gomez
Redhead142619G Gomez
Neotropic Cormorant142619G Gomez
Turkey Vulture242619G Gomez
Red-shouldered Hawk142619G Gomez
White-winged Dove242619G Gomez
Eastern Kingbird142619G Gomez
Cliff Swallow542619G Gomez
Pied-billed Grebe142611G Gomez
Great Egret142611G Gomez
Tricolored Heron142611G GomezN
Green Heron142611G Gomez
Willet142611G GomezN
Olive-sided Flycatcher142611G Gomez
Blue-winged Warbler142611G Gomez
Orchard Oriole142611G GomezN
Black Vulture242609Susan Foster
Common Gallinule142609Susan Foster
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher142609Susan Foster
DickcisselX42609Anonymous eBirder
Osprey142607G Gomez
Least Flycatcher142607G Gomez
Common Nighthawk142597G Gomez
White Ibis142591G Gomez
Empidonax sp.142591G Gomez
Black-and-white Warbler142591G GomezN
Ruby-throated/Black-chinned Hummingbird142559Northern Hairier
Bewick's Wren242559Northern Hairier
Chimney Swift142511Steven Reisinger
Bronzed Cowbird242511Steven Reisinger
cormorant sp.142510Debra Corpora
Eastern Wood-Pewee142510Debra Corpora
Alder Flycatcher142510Debra Corpora
Alder/Willow Flycatcher (Traill's Flycatcher)142510Debra Corpora
Tropical/Couch's Kingbird142510Debra Corpora
Red-eyed Vireo142510Debra Corpora
swallow sp.142510Debra Corpora
European Starling442510Debra Corpora
Painted Bunting142510Debra Corpora
Acadian Flycatcher242510Ron WeeksN
Brown-crested Flycatcher142510Ron Weeks
Northern Waterthrush142510Ron Weeks
Common Yellowthroat142510Ron Weeks
Magnolia Warbler342510Ron Weeks
Chestnut-sided Warbler142510Ron Weeks
Canada Warbler142510Ron Weeks
Brown-headed Cowbird242510Ron Weeks
Blackpoll Warbler142509Ron Weeks
Baltimore Oriole142506Susan Foster
Great Blue Heron142504aaron evansN
Least Sandpiper242504aaron evans
hummingbird sp.142504aaron evans
Catharus sp.142504aaron evans
Louisiana/Northern Waterthrush142504aaron evans
Wilson's Warbler142504aaron evans
Killdeer142504Ron Weeks
Eurasian Collared-Dove242504Ron Weeks
Blue-winged Teal142498Skip Cantrell
Greater Yellowlegs142498Skip Cantrell
Black-chinned Hummingbird142498Skip CantrellN
Tennessee Warbler142498Skip Cantrell
Gray-cheeked Thrush142494Debra Corpora
Hooded Warbler142494Debra Corpora
Black-throated Green Warbler142494Debra Corpora
Roseate Spoonbill142492Debra Corpora
Summer Tanager242492Debra Corpora
Rose-breasted Grosbeak142492Debra Corpora
Franklin's Gull10042492Ron Weeks
Buff-bellied Hummingbird142491Jeff Mundy
Lesser Yellowlegs142489Steve Sved
Great Crested Flycatcher142489Steve Sved
Solitary Sandpiper142488Steven Reisinger
tern sp.X42486suzanne james
Blue Grosbeak142484Steven Reisinger
Chuck-will's-widow242484Debra Corpora
Indigo Bunting542484Debra Corpora
Wood Thrush242483Ron Weeks
American Goldfinch242482Patricia Raine
Broad-winged Hawk1842482G GomezN
Red-tailed Hawk142482G Gomez
Nashville Warbler142482G Gomez
Northern Parula142482G Gomez
Yellow-breasted Chat142482G Gomez
Fulvous Whistling-Duck1242482Steven Reisinger
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher342482Steven Reisinger
Cooper's Hawk142481Ray and Roz Hodson
Cave Swallow242480Susan Foster
Ruby-crowned Kinglet142480Debra Corpora
Tree Swallow242479Susan Foster
Northern Shoveler242477Jay Carroll
goose sp.142477Ron Weeks
Little Blue Heron142477Ron Weeks
Orange-crowned Warbler142474Susan Foster
Northern Rough-winged Swallow15042474G GomezN
Gray Catbird142474G Gomez
Yellow-throated Warbler142474G Gomez
Lincoln's Sparrow142474G Gomez
Swainson's Hawk742474Ron Weeks
Golden-winged Warbler142472Susan Foster
Yellow-rumped Warbler142472Susan Foster
Swainson's Thrush142472Susan Foster
Cinnamon Teal142471Anonymous eBirderN
Kentucky Warbler142471Anonymous eBirder
Cattle Egret142471Katlyn Hojnacki
Sandhill Crane542471Katlyn Hojnacki
Ovenbird142471Katlyn Hojnacki
White-throated Sparrow142471Katlyn Hojnacki
Crested Caracara142471Aidan Kiley
grackle sp.542471Aidan Kiley
Purple Martin142470Susan Foster
Worm-eating Warbler142470Ben Horstmann
Red-winged Blackbird642470Ben Horstmann
Ring-necked Duck142469Rich KosteckeN
Cerulean Warbler142469Ben Horstmann
Chipping Sparrow242469Ben Horstmann
Double-crested Cormorant1042469Brad Lirette
Cedar Waxwing1542465Jesse Huth
Gadwall242464Lorrie Lowrie
Bank Swallow142463Susan Foster
House Wren142463Ben Horstmann
Louisiana Waterthrush142463Ben Horstmann
Royal Tern342461Ron Weeks
Sharp-shinned/Cooper's Hawk142460Deb Eiger
Purple Gallinule142460Deb EigerP
Common Loon142457Larry GeigerN
Ruddy Duck142449G Gomez
American Kestrel142449G Gomez
Blue-headed Vireo142449Ron WeeksN
Green-winged Teal342441Robert Scranton
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker142439Ron Weeks
Canvasback142435Ben Horstmann
Eastern Phoebe142435G Gomez
Savannah Sparrow142435G Gomez
Tufted/Black-crested Titmouse142434Robert Scranton
Northern Harrier142433Jan Wimberley
Anhinga142426Debra Corpora
Bufflehead142414Jill McGowan
American White Pelican342414Susan Foster
Brown Pelican242414Susan Foster
Field Sparrow142414Susan Foster
Mallard242411Kim Pierce
Lesser Scaup142411Kim Pierce
Greater/Lesser Scaup142409Beck Runte
Greater Scaup142406Ken and Helen Ostermiller
Eared Grebe142404G Gomez
Loggerhead Shrike142404G Gomez
Horned Grebe142404Anonymous eBirder
Northern Pintail142400Craig Arthur
Common Goldeneye142379G Gomez
passerine sp.X42366Northern HairierN
Sharp-shinned Hawk142358Tyler Miloy
American Wigeon142343Ben Horstmann
Hermit Thrush142341Ron Weeks
Accipiter sp.142336Margaret Farese
Brown Thrasher142335G Gomez
Pine Warbler142335G Gomez
Long-billed Thrasher142329Susan Foster
Marsh Wren142322Sonny Bratz
Mallard x Mottled Duck (hybrid)142313Andrew OrgillN
Pyrrhuloxia142312Steven ReisingerN
Warbling Vireo142309Susan Foster
American Bittern142295Jan WimberleyN
Common Ground-Dove142293G Gomez
White-tailed Hawk142280G Gomez
White-faced Ibis1042272Debra Corpora
Willow Flycatcher142270Debra Corpora
Black-necked Stilt142244Ron Weeks
Myiarchus sp.142132Ron WeeksN
Blackburnian Warbler142132Ron Weeks
Scarlet Tanager242123Debra Corpora
Western Kingbird142117G Gomez
Boat-tailed Grackle242105Larry Geiger
Yellow-throated Vireo142085Debra Corpora
Swallow-tailed Kite142073Debra Corpora
Vesper Sparrow242073Debra Corpora
Snow Goose342028Ben Horstmann
Le Conte's Sparrow142028Ben Horstmann
Downy Woodpecker142005G Gomez
Vermilion Flycatcher142005G Gomez
Golden-crowned Kinglet142005G Gomez
Sedge Wren141957G Gomez
Ash-throated Flycatcher141779Pam Goolsby
Yellow-billed Cuckoo141774Steven Reisinger
Philadelphia Vireo141761Debra Corpora
Bay-breasted Warbler141761Debra Corpora
Red-breasted MerganserX40608Tom Crabtree
Black-bellied PloverX40608Tom Crabtree
Yellow-faced GrassquitX40608Tom Crabtree
Eastern MeadowlarkX40608Tom Crabtree
Brewer's BlackbirdX40608Tom Crabtree
Bird Species sighted at Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary February 14, 2016

february, 2019

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